bikablo® emotions

  • £25.75

This exciting edition to our bikablo® visual language collection is the perfect reference companion to our bestselling bikablos or as your first foray in the bikablo® world! It is an in-depth compilation created by Marin Haussmann into the vast array of complex human emotions depicted in two simple drawings of each emotion depending on your drawing skill level or preference.

This is the ideal tool for when workshops are focusing on interpersonal relations, coaching, or team-development. Revised edition: Change is a good thing when it makes our life better! So, we’ve updated the popular bikablo emotions to do just that! The figures have been newly drawn (using the Neuland No.One ® Outliner marker), colored, shaded in for greater impact and some were simplified.

This latest version will make it easier for the user to copy and vary the images according to their individual visualisation needs, when attempting to effectively communicate the dynamics of human emotions in any given situation.

Edition: spiral-bound, 82 pages Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm / 8.3 x 8.3 inches

Language: German / English ISBN: 978-3-940315168

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