ProcessWall Pinboard - 150 x 100cm

  • £151.91

Design your very own customized “Working Wall” in your office and conference rooms to take your team meetings and creative processes to the next level! The WorkingWall Pinboards are made from durable foam board which are fully covered with high-density felt fabric and feature magnetic strips on the back to easily attach it to the WorkingWall Whiteboard.

Please note: the WorkingWall Pinboards are only to be used on a magnetic surface (e.g. WorkingWall Whiteboard; Magboard).

Technical details: Foam board, all-round coverage with felt (custom felt color selection), and magnetic strips on the back side

Dimensions: W 75 x H 37.5 cm / W 29.5 x H 15 inches W 75 x H 75 cm / W 29.5 x H 29.5 inches W 75 x H 112.5 cm / W 29.5 x H 44 inches W 150 x H 100 cm / W 59.1 x H 39.3 inches

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