Facilitation Process

What is facilitation? A way of working with groups of people to help them to achieve their business development objectives.

The simplest definition of "facilitation" would be "using a person or persons (neither of whom becomes involved in the content of a discussion), to assist a group to meet its objectives by providing them with effective processes and structures."

The distinction between content and process is often not clear. An effective facilitator remains in the facilitation role all of the time. A consultant can fluctuate between the two roles, provided he/she is clear to the group about their role at any one time.

A team leader can find it difficult to facilitate their own group - they are too involved and have ideas of their own.

The solution can be relatively simple:-

1. Never expect the group to second-guess your plans. This will feel to them like manipulation.

2. If you wish the group to make a decision, you must accept the group's plan. It will probably be a good plan but, if it needs changing, the group will change it over time.

3. Trust and support the group - after all, it's their future they're deciding . . .