Handlettering Learning Pad to go

Handlettering Learning Pad to go

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Are you a calligraphy fan? Here is the solution for when you are on the road!
Calligraphy is the same as any other art form: Practice makes perfect! In order to facilitate this practice without requiring too much preparation, we have developed with American Heather Martinez a "to go" handlettering learning pad, that has the right pre-printed lines for the two common Neuland marker types: running text with the No.One and calligraphic accents with the ArtMarker and/or fineOne with brush nib.

The best way is to simply order your pad together with the appropriate marker!

Specifications: Size: 29,7 x 31 cm / 11.7 x 8.2 inches

Content: 100 sheets, one-sided print, perforated (50 sheets each for No.One markers and for ArtMarker or fineOne with brush nib, 2 sheets with handlettering quotations, 2 sheets with handlettering tips)

Paper: 90 g/sq m recycling offset, white

In addition, so that you can get started straight away, you can download a free guide in pdf format at www.neuland.com/handlettering .

When you print out the pdf, the first four pages are in English. Pages 5-8 are in German.

More about the topic of hand-lettering by Heather Martinez: FREE Course :: Unlock Your Neuland Markers Brush Lettering Exemplar Demo using Neuland's ArtMarker CorpGraffitiArt on Periscope

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