Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, 4/Set

  • £13.59

The brilliant refillable Neuland BigOne® is a must-have item to complete your marker collection. The extra wide wedge nib creates a bold line width between 6-12 mm to help you perfectly draw those eye-catching headlines, dramatic visual graphics and for colouring in large areas with ease.

The eco-friendly BigOne markers are filled with a water-based ink that can be refilled up to 11 times! Following 5 Colour Sets are available: The unicolored sets consist 4 Neuland BigOne® in the selected color: black, red, blue, or green. The set S consists all 4 colors.

Technical details:

Material: PP/PE water-based ink, refillable wedge nib, line width 6-12 mm

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