Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, Single Colours

  • £3.52

The brilliant refillable Neuland BigOne® is a must-have item to complete your marker collection. The extra wide wedge nib creates a bold line width between 6-12 mm to help you perfectly draw those eye-catching headlines, dramatic visual graphics and for colouring in large areas with ease.

The eco-friendly BigOne markers are filled with a water-based ink that can be refilled up to 11 times!

Our impressive colour range offers you the BigOne markers in 38 gorgeous colours that will surely inspire your imagination!

Technical details:

Material: PP/PE water-based ink, refillable wedge nib, line width 6-12 mm

We have limited stock of certain colours but empty pens with all refill colours are still available - please call us on 01300 345611 for full availability and alternatives.

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