Novario® WorkShopBag, Stick-It

Novario® WorkShopBag, Stick-It

  • £307.80

Our bestselling training case is impressive for not only how much it can carry, but also for all of its thoughtful features. The inside lid pockets have been designed to conveniently store accessories such as an iPad, mobile phone, etc. or larger workshop cards. The soft case is made from premium canvas ensuring durability whilst still being lightweight. The contents are all contained within Novario® Boxes allowing you to customize and configure your workshop materials depending on your changing needs.

Technical details: Material: Nylon 1680, black, with grey accents

Weight: 7 kg / 15,4 lbs

Dimensions: W 46 x D 30 x H 17 cm / 18 x 11.8 x 6.7 inches


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