slickynotes® L

  • £5.69

The versatile electrostatic slickynotes® sheets are perfect for idea-finding, brainstorming, teamwork, or for presentation. Stick, re-stick, and slide them around on paper or whiteboards, to turn your work surface into an immediate dynamic creative space. They can also be cut into any shape to customize your work! The stable electrostatic charge lasts for weeks. The slickynotes® can be inscribed as follows:

The colored front side (permanent) can currently only be used with a SlickyOne or an Outliner marker. You may also use any type of regular pen or pencil. Please note you cannot use our water-based No.One markers with this product.

The white rear side (wipeable) is usable only with a WhiteboardMarker.

To maintain the best integrity of the writing surface, we recommend trying to avoid over-touching the surface of the cards.

Size: 200 x 100 mm (7.87 x 3.94 inches)

Sorting: 95 sheets

Material: recyclable polypropylene

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