World Café Round Tablecloth

World Café Round Tablecloth

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The World Café Tablecloth comes in a round shape. The paper tablecloth is printed only on one side with black and grey ink. So you have the chance to use your own color choice if you like. For example with your CI-Color; it works perfectly with the Neuland BigOnes®.

Tip! This is an example of what you may need for a World Café session with 80 participants:

  • 20 WorldCafé table cloth on the basis 4 persons per table (round or rectangular)
  • 20 Table cards
  • World Café etiquette
  • 1 Learning Map
  • No. 2 World Café
  • 40 Neuland No.One® WorkshopMarker black (2 marker/table)
  • 40 Neuland No.One® WorkshopMarker assorted colours (2 colours/table)

...furthermore a topic and aim, two or three good questions, a host and World Café facilitator, lots of coffee, a pleasant atmosphere, and and and ...

Technical details

Material: high quality white paper (80 g/m²) with black/grey print 20 round table cloths/set

Diameter: 70 cm / 27.6 inches

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